We love great music and the artists who share their “voice” through the music they create.

Everyone at World Music Stage Records works hand-in-hand with the artists we represent to further their professional music career(s) and to push the boundaries of the music industry.

The music industry in some way has changed considerably in the digital age.

And, in some ways, it hasn’t changed very much at all.

Artists are now able to sell their music online, have social media sites where they can promote their latest albums and songs, and various other avenues for promotion and marketing.

Yet, artists are still struggling to have their “voice” heard.

There is where World Music Stage Records, Management and Publishing comes in.

We are professionals who understand the music business and what is needed to help artists succeed in today’s competitive music industry.

Here, artists work with our team of professionals on:

  • Major label distribution
  • Branding
  • Booking – Gigs and Touring
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Licensing
  • Artist Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Live show production

If you are an independent artist who is looking for professional services, Contact Us.

World Music Stage Records
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